Today, Kostas and I casted off around 10am heading towards Kouloura where we picked up a group of 5 guests from Slovakia. They are enjoying their holidays in a beautiful villa overlooking the blue sea of Corfu and, like every year, they come with us for a few days to neighboring islands or elsewhere along the beautiful coast of Corfu. Today we had a bit of a special destination: we decided to spend the day on the island that gave the name to our main chartering motor yacht, Erikoussa. The island is about thirty miles from Gouvia Marina and Kouloura is just a few miles closer. The forecast was perfect as wind was announced at about 7 or 8 knots from southwest, tending towards west-northwest in the afternoon. The sea was very flat and we were able to cruise at approx. 35 knots reaching Erikoussa in just over 40 minutes from the guests’ boarding. We toured around the island admiring the coast line for a while and eventually we found a fantastic spot where our guests could fully enjoy the transparent waters in a pristine bay. For lunch, our guests decided to enjoy lunch at a local taverna overlooking the sea.  They then spent the afternoon sunbathing and resting onboard of Erikoussa. In the evening, calm waters allowed for a quick return at our guest villas. Another day passed by along the Ionian coast and, as every night we take care of Erikoussa, we cannot help but admiring the sunset closing the day in the Gouvia Marina.