GS 33 (9.75m)

  • Nautica LED, Cologne Monzese, Italy
  • 2008
  • Length 9,475 m
  • Beam 3,60 m
  • Draught 1,21 m
  • Displacement 6.210 Kg
  • 22 people
  • Two Suzuki DF 300  cv 300


Cinotto V's background

Cinotto V is the latest addition to the IYC fleet. Many clients had been asking for a top-of-the-line boat for daily charter. Cinotto V sits with the elite amongst inflatable boats.  The privileged position that the inflatable boats play in recreational boating and more is well known and Cinotto V is produced by "Nautica Led", a prestigious company dedicated to the manufacturing of craftsman-quality boats,  both in terms of excellent nautical characteristics and high-end quality finishings. Equipped with two powerful engines, Cinotto V is one of the fastest boats in the Ionian archipelago and will allow you to safely reach so many destinations that every day of your vacation will be a new adventure.