A great cruise will always depend on a great crew — the team that pilots your journey, attends to your comfort and safety, and caters to your needs.
Meet our very own Captain Spyros Papadopoulos who brings decades of experience and is the reference point for those wishing to discover Corfu and the Ionian islands from the sea.

Captain Spyros is one of the most experienced seamen in the Ionian Islands and he is also an authority in the Gouvia Marina where Ionian Yacht Charter is based. You will be charmed by his friendly and jovial welcome, impeccable professionalism and courtesy, vivid passion for the sea and inspiring approach. (Read below for more information on Captain Spyros)




Captain Spyros was born on the island of Andros, in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Attica, where Athens is located, in the sea that has made the history of ancient times and where the ancient Greeks were confronted victoriously with the Persian Empire and wrote the beginning of our civilization and Western thought. The spirit of freedom and individualism, social aggregation as the sum of single individuals, and not as a submission to a tyrannical power, are the legacy that Greece has left us and which is also found in many of its current inhabitants. Indeed our Captain is one who live by these ideals: strong but friendly, lovable and proud of his origins, cultured and refined as men of the sea can be, with a gift for languages and an amazing knowledge of so many places in the world where life brought him for business and leisure over the years.

Captain Spyros comes from a family of sailors for generations. In his youth, he combined his love of the sea with his passion for sport, as he excelled in the hammer throw and weightlifting and participated with the Greek team in the Summer Olympics of Monaco ‘72 and Montreal ’76. After graduating in Physical Education and Physiotherapy, Captain Spyros worked for a major Greek shipping company and organized water games on cruise ships in the Caribbean during the winter, while during the summer he coached the Greek national water ski team.

Corfu became the island of his destiny when, in the early 80’s, he was offered to run all the water activities for a major international hotel chain on the island. At this time Captain Spyros started consolidating his relationship with the Ionian Islands and Corfu in particular, which became the headquarters of his work and, beyond that, of his passion.

1982 marks the beginning of an adventurous parenthesis for Captain Spyros, as he got yet another opportunity to exercise his seaman skills and boast courage and determination. At that time, the war in Lebanon had erupted and the sadly famous events of Sabra and Chatila took place, with bloody riots and killings. Back then there was no Internet, nor mobile phones or social networks and Captain Spyros was called upon by a leading international broadcasting channel, for the duration of the conflict, to cruise every day 120 miles each way, between Lebanon and Cyprus, no matter how rough the sea was, meet with reporters on the Lebanese coast, take custody of footage of the war and bring it back to Cyprus in time to be aired via satellite.

After this parenthesis, Captain Spyros came back to Corfu where he started what has been his work and passion for the last several years: touring and exploring the Ionian Islands.